Weighted Grade Calculator

Weighted Grade Calculator - calculates average across observations with different weight.
Enter observations in box, use a separate line or comma between each pair of measurements.
Pairs should be entered as: Value, Weighting. Weighting can be either a percentage or a volume (like a points system).
Example shown is score per test/quiz and points for each test/quiz.

Weighted Grade:77

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Tool Overview - Weighted Grade Calculator

This Weighted Grade Calculator is intended to help you estimate your quarter or semester grade as the weighted average of your test and quiz grade. It assumes each grade counts differently (usually some kind of points system) and you enter this weighting as a second number. This weighted average grade calculator tallys up the total score, weighted by the second factor. Thus, grades with a lot of points will count more significantly towards the total than grades with few points.

Sharing Results of The Weighted Grade Calculator

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