Modulo Calculator

Quotient: 14, remainder:2.

Tool Overview: Mod Calculator

The mod calculator is used to perform modular arithmetic. It takes two numbers and divides the second into the first. It returns a quotient and a remainder. The quotient is the greatest whole number of times the second number can be divided into the first without the remainder becoming negative. The remainder is the amount left over after the division operation. Mathematically, this process is referred to as the modulo operation. This could also be called a quotient and remainder calculator.

Practical Example: Modulo Calculator

In practical terms, you can think of this process like making change. If I went a garage sale with a twenty dollar bill and discovered a box of 8-track music tapes priced at $3 each, how many tapes could I buy and how much would be left over? In this case, I would enter a 20 in the first box of the mod calculator (the base) and the price of the record ($3) into the second box of the mod calculator. This modulo calculator would then return a result: I can buy 6 records (the quotient) and would have $2 left over (the remainder).

Sharing Results of The Mod Calculator

Need to pass an answer to a friend? It's easy to link and share the results of this calculator. Simply use the following format: Number)&divi=(Your Other Number)

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