Free math calculators designed for mathematicians. This Linear Interpolation Calculator:

  • Takes Two Points and a X coordinate
  • Gives You the Missing Y coordinate
  • Graphs All Three Points on a line

Using The Linear Interpolation Calculator

The interpolation calculator allows you to calculate the value of a point along a line if you know two other points on that line. Enter the first data point (First X, First Y) and the second data point (Second X, Second Y) to establish the general direction of the line. Then, enter the X value of the third point. Hit calculate - the linear interpolation calculator will generate the interpolated value (the unknown point) and plot the unknown value on the graph, along with the known coordinates.

This interpolation calculator applies the linear interpolation formula to derive the dependent (y) value of the third point. This presumes the three points are in a straight line and that there is no natural variation or error in measurement. The Linear interpolation function works fairly well for simple models. It's a basic forecast function but works relatively well if the given coordinates (with the known value of y) are from a similar set of data. The new data point will be lined up with the existing trend.

For easy entry, you can copy and paste your data into the entry box from Excel. You can save your data for use with the interpolation calculator and other calculators on this site. Just hit the "save data" button. It will save the data in your browser (not on our server, it remains private). Saved data sets will appear on the list of saved datasets below the data entry panel. To retrieve it, click the "load data" button next to it.

Linear Interpolation Calculator

Solution - Y Value of 3nd X is:



Sharing Results of The Linear Interpolation Calculator

Need to pass an answer to a friend? It's easy to link and share the results of the Linear Interpolation Calculator. Hit calculate - then simply cut and paste the url after hitting calculate - it will retain the values you enter so you can share them via email or social media.

Interpreting Interpolation Tool Results

Tool Overview: Interpolation Calculator

We put our interpolation calculator online as a tool to help students and casual business users simplify their work. This tool takes two points plus the X-coordinate of a third point and uses the linear interpolation equation to derive the missing Y-value. This works well if you are trying to interpolate points for a problem which can be approximated by a linear function. This is used in fields like operations research, costing, and logistics planning. Linear trend are almost universally used for public facing statistical and analytics explainations.

You can easily adept this tool to a linear extrapolation calculator online - adjust the X-value of the third point. The tool will extrapolate the relationship observed between the two known points to derive a y-value for the 3rd point.

When should I assume a linear relationship?

The chief advantage of using a linear relationship to explain the association between the x value and y value of a given set of data is simplicity. Most business audiences can quickly understand a linear equation of the prime factors; given a known data point, you use the linear interpolation calculation to find the third data point.

The downside? Many real world problems don't involve a linear relationship. Marginal economics are particularly important in many areas of business, where the incremental profit of selling another unit (or losing a unit of sales) scales faster than your current average margin rate. Some business processes operate under polynomial relationships, which requires a more advanced perspective on polynomial interpolation method(s). If we're wrong about the relationship, the interpolated point isn't relevant.

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