Weighted Average Calculator

Weighted Average Calculator - calculates average across observations with different weight.
Enter observations in box, use a separate line or comma between each pair of measurements.
Pairs should be entered as: Value, Weighting. Weighting can be either a percentage or a volume (such as lbs).
Example shown is $$ per lb for recycled plastic weighted by lbs bought.

Weighted Average Value:0.71624185372918

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Tool Overview - Weighted Average Calculator

This Weighted Average Calculator calculates the average value of a set of observations, weighted by a second factor. This second factor can be a percentage (ideally of the total sample) or a base volume number (such as lbs, tons, or operating hours). The weighted average calculator tallys up the total volume of activity, weighted by the second factor. Thus, observations with a lot of volume / share behind them will count more significantly towards the total than observations with minimal activity. We did a version of this specifically for calculating the Weighted Average Grade of a course from the individual tests, assignments, and projects.

Sharing Results of The Weighted Average Calculator

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